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Roasted Winter Squash with Tahini Recipe

Jetzt, da die Tage schon viel kürzer sind und die Kälte langsam um sich greift, kommen die gemütlicheren Rezepte auf den Tisch. The Nosher von MyJewishLearning schlägt folgendes vor:

I recently fell in love with honey squash, a new variety of hearty winter squash bred specifically to be concentrated in flavor, and adorable in appearance. OK, maybe it wasn’t specifically grown to be adorable, but the result is the same nevertheless. I found honey squash at several different New York and New Jersey-area farms…

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What Is Kosher Salt?

Have you always wondered: Why is it called kosher salt? You are not alone.

Salt can be a confusing topic, after all. There is table salt, sea salt, flaky salt and kosher salt. But why is it called kosher? We wanted to help answer this plaguing question with a short video.

Quelle: What Is Kosher Salt? | The Nosher